Immerse yourself in nature from the comforts of home.

Paradise Homes maximizes natural settings for sustainable design.

The builders of Casa Big Sur recognized the immense potential of the deep jungle property when they first saw the view. The five-acre land rests on a west-facing slope that opens to a striking panorama. The jungle creates a natural private barrier that flows over the mountainside and down towards the sea. The ocean stretches for miles along the curving shoreline, while the sun arcs a path over the tree-lined canopy to settle on the horizon each night. 

Paradise Homes wanted to enhance this stunning scenery and use the natural systems already in place. They designed features to preserve energy, minimize wastewater and create healthier indoor living. They sourced local materials to lower their carbon footprint and support Costa Rican communities.

Floor-to-ceiling energy efficiency
These sustainable architectural features were first achieved by capturing the light breezes coming up from the ocean during the day and the cool air coming down the mountain at night. The windows and doors are retractable and designed to circulate cool air when fully opened. They also create a seamless transition of indoor and outdoor living spaces that make the beautiful interior and lush landscape feel as one.

Beautiful tile and natural stone flooring were installed to help improve indoor air quality. It minimizes off gassing and the inevitable damp conditions that a tropical environment produces. Low volatile organic compound (VOC) paints were used throughout the interior to keep air fresh and chemical free.

Architectural Features - Casa Big Sur

From earth to home
The natural and fresh well water is conserved at Casa Big Sur with low-flow toilets and water efficient kitchen and bathroom fixtures that help reduce excess wastewater. Any excess water is treated onsite by bioremediation systems to keep aquifers charged and minimize impact on delicate streams, rivers and the ocean.

Paradise Homes wanted to source materials as locally as possible to reduce the use of fossil fuels during transportation and support local communities. The teak tongue and groove ceiling, the ornately carved teak wooden handrails, the custom fabricated cedro cabinetry and the overhead structural wood beams are built with local reforested wood. By doing so, deforestation is also reduced.

Architectural Features - Casa Big Sur

Design built to last
From 2007 to 2009, Paradise Homes made their vision a reality by creating Casa Big Sur. Despite its grandeur, the home blends into its natural landscape to enhance privacy while preserving the pristine panoramic view. For more than a decade, their attention to quality and detail continues to withstand changes in climate and environment. It marks the architectural finesse that is signature to Paradise Homes’ design. 

Architectural Features - Casa Big Sur